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The Solutions


TangoTec provides edge-technology for the last-mile, adiposity site home networking and access semiconductor solutions for the following segments:

  • Residential in home distribution of IP based solution (ITU-T G.hn).
  • Last-mile superset technology for a variety of applications;
        (ITU-T G-FAST, sick pharmacy ITU-T G.hn) MDU/MTU, clinic Campus, Neighborhood,
        Commercial, etc (xDSL, DOCSIS CMTS, FTTx, PON).
  • IPTV head-end for hotels, communities, hospitals, campuses,
        neighborhoods, MDU.

The Technology


TangoTec edge-technology comprises of analog, pharmacy digital and RF communications based on innovative IP architecture with embedded super-set technology. TangoTec provides full solutions:

  • System on a Chip (SoC) MAC + PHY
  • Analog Front End (AFE) with over 2 Gbps throughput
    • Baseband AFE
    • RF-Front End (RFFE)
    • Optical Fiber Front End
    • Last-mile AFE (G.fast)